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Boker Zestaw Noży Böker Solingen Core Prof Z Ręcznikiem (130891Set)


Boker Zestaw Noży Böker Solingen Core Prof Z Ręcznikiem (130891Set)

What do Trier, Wiesbaden, Münster and Lüneburg have in common? Apart from a historic city center, landmarks that are famous beyond the borders of the region and a long-standing tradition as important trade cities, they share another important aspect: These cities are the homes of excellent steelware retailers, who have built their outstanding reputation over many years by means- of their extensive selection and first-rate expertise. We harnessed their decades of experience, excellent know-how and finely honed every day sense for the requirements and needs of cooking- and kitchen enthusiasts in our product development of the Boker Core Professional series, combined with our almost 150 years of experience as a Solingen Knife Manufactory. The results is a product with dynamic lines, excellent handling and breathtaking cutting capability that earned the quality rating „recommended by leading retailers”. The solid blade slug made from a chromium-molybdenum-vanadium- alloy (X50CrMoV15), perfectly suited for making premium kitchen knives, is hand forged with Solingen craftsmanship, structurally optimized and then hardened to 58 HRC. In order to give the blade a longer service life and even finer cut, our traditional hand grind is then highly polished. The forged bolster ensures a secure grip and protects the user from possible injuries in case of a slip. A special design feature of all knives in this series is the gently rounded spine. This makes the knife easy and pleasant to handle in any position and prevents unpleasant pressure on the hand – even if strong pressure is applied to the spine, while executing a rock chop, for instance. The practical and perfectly proportioned plastic handles complete the cohesive look. The knives are highly moisture-resistant and can be used with confidence even in a professional kitchen. After all, hygiene is a top priority in the kitchen. We added a three-piece knife set to our product range to present the perfect starter set for the ambitious hobby chef. The set comes in an elegant gift box and contains the following products: Big kitchen knife, small kitchen knife, larding knife and a towel….

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meble ogrodowe metalowe siatkowe, ikea tory, świeczki zapachowe małe, room dividers, organizer kuchenny ikea, ikea materace 180×200, biurko rozsuwane, szafa głębokość 80 cm, drążek na zasłony